We are a local assembly and Christian community of believers assigned to the ministry of restoration, where the broken and the mended can experience the change found through relationship with Jesus Christ.


Bringing good news to the suffering and afflicted, comfort to the broken-heart, and liberty to the captive.


Our vision is to provide a liberating Christian culture that offers a 3-stage growth experience for believers. 


1st Stage: Alignment activates when one accepts Jesus Christ as his/her personal Lord and Savior. This stage enables a new or returning believer to access and engage freedom and healing that allows him/her to embrace the fullness of life. 


2nd Stage: Acceleration allows the believer to flourish in his/her relationship with Jesus Christ through the advancement in God’s Word and through his/her vital relationship with the Holy Spirit. 


3rd Stage: Authority is the stage of growth encourages the believer to utilize spiritual principles to successfully enhance the natural, social, political, familial, educational, financial, and professional aspects of his/her life. It is essential that one embraces the authority that is given so that he/she may be able to live in dominion. 


Shekinah Kingdom church is called to create a culture where one experiences Compassion, Healing, Anointing, Needs, Generosity, and Excellence. We are a church devoted to our Godly duty of changing lives. We are the Place of C.H.A.N.G.E.