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POC offers 6,000 Sq. Ft. of convertible space! Our facility has hosted banquets, luncheons, conferences, fashion shows, cyber business launches, weddings, concerts, and meeting

portals for groups of all sizes. 

The sanctuary is the largest transformable space we offer and it can seat up to 250 people. We have a classroom that can accommodate 10 - 20 people and a welcome booth area located in the sanctuary.

We are located in the South Norfolk area of Chesapeake where hotels, shopping and eateries are all within a 15 minute drive, tops! Easy access to all of the interstates with a main connector to the Jordan Bridge. 

If you're interested in securing POC for your next event, please submit your date on the calendar form below to see if it's available.  

Building Rental Date Checker

We'd love to serve you, but we need to check the dates you're interested in. 

Submit at least 2 dates and times you'd like to have your event and we will check them for you. If the date(s) are available we can move to the next phase of our Facility Usage process. 

Thank you for submitting the date(s) you're interested in! You can expect to receive an email from our Director of Operations office within 72hrs.

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