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Shekinah Kingdom Church carries a journey of ministry with more than 10 years as a place of compassion, healing, anointing, meeting of needs, generosity and excellence. What you see today began as an act of faith by Pastor Christina D. Rouson and Bishop A. Ray Rouson to begin again after over 23 years of pastoral ministry. 


Originally called Shekinah Glory Outreach Ministries, the church organized in August of 2008 and officially opened its doors in December of the same year. 

After three months of worshipping in a local school, God favored the young ministry with a beautiful church building, which the saints beautified into a masterpiece. Within this beautiful place the ministry continued to grow. However, just three months after moving into their home, the church burned in fire in July of 2009, leaving the ministry without a home.


In January 2010 Shekinah Glory experienced two extremes of ministry within one week’s time. On January 23, 2010, Dr. A. Ray Rouson was consecrated to the Episcopal office of bishop before hundreds of loving supporters. However, on January 26th, Dr. Christina suddenly closed her eyes to be with Jesus. 

Following the death of the founder, the newly Bishop Rouson took the helm to become the church’s second senior pastor. He faithfully served this position for two years, leading the church through its stages of grief and transition.

In January of 2012, just two years after the church’s great transition, they elected and installed Rev. Cedric Rouson to become the church’s third pastor. Less than one month after taking office, Pastor Rouson and the church’s leadership led the ministry to acquire a beautiful church property located in the heart of Virginia Beach, VA. We worshipped there faithfully for 5 years until the Lord awakened Pastor Rouson with a mandate to return to Chesapeake and continue the work God first birthed in the Rousons for South Norfolk. 


From community feedings, food banks, clothing drives and disaster relief to the construction of an orphanage in India and monthly support for widows and orphans globally has been dedicated not only to the restoration and development of hurting people over the last decade. Hundreds have been drawn to the ministry through its preaching, teaching, worship and service to people and community. Churches have also been planted, ministries launched, businesses cultivated and a standard set of excellence. 

Because of the successful God-given anointing on the house to restore lives, Shekinah Kingdom Church has been called A Place of C.H.A.N.G.E.

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